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Using the method of chain saw and maintenance skills


Using the method of chain saw and maintenance skills

Chainsaw is garden machinery products in the most widely used power tools, one of the highest frequency. Because it has very sharp sawtooth and is used for cutting wood at high speed, it is necessary to take more strict safety precautions when using it. Small summed up the method of using a series of chain saws and maintenance techniques and precautions, to share with you.
1. Correct use of reliable lubricating oil
It is recommended to use high quality, small environmental pollution saw chain and guide lubricating oil, such as anti-aging, fast biodegradable lubricating oil. If the anti-aging ability is low, lubricating oil is easy to be resin and will form hard sediment which is difficult to remove, especially in sawing chain drive parts, clutch around and saw chain. When it is serious, the oil pump will be stuck. In addition, the waste lubricating oil can not be used. Waste lubricants do not have the required lubrication, and multiple contact with waste lubricants may lead to skin cancer, and the waste lubricants will also destroy the environment.
Two, keep sawing chain lubrication all the time
Chain saws and guide the lubrication for chainsaw use, very important. The technicians say that the sawing chain must always have a small amount of lubricating oil, and do not work without the lubrication of the chain. If the sawing chain is dry, the cutting tool will soon be damaged and cannot be repaired. Therefore, it is necessary to check the chain lubrication and the amount of oil in the oil tank before starting work.
Three. Check the tensioning of the saw chain
The new saw chain needs to be tightened more frequently than the saw chain that has been put into use for a long time. Generally, in the state of the refrigerator, the saw chain is meshed at the lower side of the guide plate but still can be pulled with the guide plate with the hand, indicating that the tension is correct. When the working temperature is reached, the sawing chain expands and begins to relax. The driving chain of the lower side of the guide plate is not allowed to come out from the guide slot, otherwise the chain of the saw will fall off. Tighten the saw chain again if necessary. When cooling, the chain of sawing will shrink. The sawing chain is to be loosed at this time, otherwise the crankshaft and bearing will be damaged. 科瑞普油锯坚持选择最优配件,配进口奥利根锯链,大大降低锯链损坏的情况,延长油锯使用寿命。
Four. Do not ignore the details
The chain saw in the use of the process, there are several users need to pay special attention to the details of the operation.
First of all, start the chain saw, will start at the end of the rope to mo. When starting, gently pull up the start handle until the stop position, then pull fast and press the front handle down.
Secondly, when the engine runs at a maximum throttle for a long time, it needs to be idle for a period of time, so as to cool the air flow and release most of the heat in the engine. This avoids the thermal overload of the components installed on the engine (ignition device, carburetor).
Again, if the engine power decreases obviously, it may be caused by the dirty air filter. Remove the carburetor lid, take out the air filter, remove the dirt around the filter, separate the two parts of the filter, wipe the filter with palm, or clean the air with the compressed air from inside to outside. When reinstalling the air filter, remember to check the position of the air door and the twist spring is correct.
Five, the later period of maintenance is timely and thorough
Saw the maintenance priority among priorities in the saw chain. The correct maintenance and sharpened saw chain only needs small pressure and can easily be sawn into the wood. In daily maintenance, check whether there are cracks and broken rivets on the chain chain. Replace any damaged or worn parts on the sawing chain, and then match the new parts that are the same as the original shape and size. Hard alloy saw chain is especially anti wear.
For a long time storage chain saw, be in a well ventilated place the fuel tank is empty and clean. The engine is always running before the carburetor becomes dry in order to prevent the carburetor diaphragm from sticking together. Take off the chain and guide, clean it, and spray it with antirust oil. Clean the machine thoroughly, especially the cylinder cooling ribs and air filters.
Finally, we must understand the importance of chainsaw operation, but the most important is to do anything, not normative operation, not timely maintenance, are likely to cause some security risks.