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Why is the lawn mower brush cutter weak?

Lawn mowers, also known as lawn mowers, brush cutters, we will experience weak mowing when we use lawn mowers. What is the cause of weak mowing? How should it be solved?
1. A dirty air filter will restrict air from entering the carburetor, resulting in insufficient power of the lawn mower. If the engine is running in a dusty place, cleaning up is really important. The method is as follows:
Four-stroke side-mounted Zongshen lawn mower Brush cutter
Remove the air filter, take out the filter element, separate the foam filter element from the paper filter element, and carefully check whether the two filter elements have holes or ruptures. If it is damaged, it should be replaced.
Foam filter element: Clean with household detergent solution and warm water, then rinse. Allow the filter element to dry completely after washing. Let the filter element soak in clean engine oil, and then squeeze the oil out. If there is too much oil remaining on the foam, the engine will smoke during the initial start-up phase.
Paper filter element: tap the filter element gently on a hard surface to remove the dust accumulated on it, or blow it from the inside out with a high-pressure airflow. Do not use a brush to remove dust, because the brush will squeeze the dust into the fibers. If the filter element is dirty, replace it.
2. Too much oil will affect the combustion of the engine (string oil), and will emit blue smoke (here refers to the four-stroke lawn mower).
3. Inability to mowing the grass, in addition to the engine, it may also be due to the blunt blades. If the lawn mowing work is heavy, we need to clean and polish it regularly. In addition, bushes or dead grass are denser, so we need to slow down the cutting speed to reduce the load on the engine.

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