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Why to brush cutter mowing mower


Why to brush cutter mowing mower

The lawn mower, also known as grass cutting machine, cutting machine, we're using the mower, will be unable to the grass. What is the reason for the weakness of mowing grass? How should we solve it?
The 1. dirty air filter limits the air into the carburetor, causing a lack of power in the lawn mower. If the engine runs in a large dust area, it is important to clean up the work, and the following is the following:
Four stroke side hanging Zongshen mower cutting machine
Remove the air filter, remove the filter core, separate the foam core from the paper filter core, carefully check whether the two filter cores have holes or broken places. If there is a damage, it should be replaced.
Foam filter: household cleaning with detergent solution and then rinse with warm water. After washing, dry the filter core. Let the filter core soak the clean engine oil and squeeze the oil. If too much oil remains on the foam, the engine will smoke at the start of the start.
Paper filter core: gently tap the filter core on the hard plane to remove the accumulated ash, or blow it out in high pressure air. Don't use a brush to brush the dust, because the dust brush will squeeze into the fiber. If the filter is dirty, replace it.
2. oil filling - combustion engine (string oil), and will take the blue smoke (here refers to the four stroke lawn mower).
3., in addition to the reasons of the engine, it is also possible that the blade is dull. If lawn cutting is very heavy, we need regular cleaning and polishing. The bushes or withered grass are more dense, and we need to slow down the cutting speed to reduce the load of the engine.