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Guide for safe operation of earth auger/digging machine/planting machine/tree planting machine


Ground augers are widely used in tree planting, afforestation, planting fruit forests, etc., and are also called digging machines, planting machines, and tree planting machines. This article mainly introduces the operation method of the planter and the precautions during the drilling process.
1. Before drilling, please read the "Safety Operation Instructions". It is recommended to select some soft ground for trial drilling first, so as to be familiar with the performance and use of the digging machine, or to ask experienced personnel to carry out the guidance work on the spot.
2. During the drilling operation, hold the bracket handle tightly with your left hand, hold the throttle switch and bracket handle tightly with the thumb and other fingers of your right hand, step on the ground with your feet on the ground, and the distance between your body and the drill bit is much wider than the shoulders. Keeping a proper distance will help maintain balance and effectively control the body.
3. At the beginning of drilling, the drill head must be inserted into the surface (positioning first) before slowly increasing the throttle, and the throttle must not be suddenly increased, otherwise, the drill will jump due to no positioning point. Will cause personal injury to you.
4. There is no need to forcefully press the drill bit down. When the throttle is fully open, you only need to stabilize the handle of the bracket and apply pressure lightly.
5. When you feel that drilling is very difficult, you can repeat the lifting of the machine body and then continue to drill down.
6. Hold the handle of the bracket tightly to help reduce the resistance and rebound force, and effectively maintain the control of the digging machine.
7. Having a basic understanding of the causes of resistance and resilience can help you reduce or eliminate the panic, so you can better cope with it and avoid accidents.
Safety precautions for resistance and rebound force in drilling operations
1. During the drilling operation, when the blade or blade of the ground drill bit suddenly hits a hard object, the body may rebound, causing the operator to suddenly lose the center of gravity and lose control of the planter. Or when the geological layer is hard and the power is far less than the resistance, the hands cannot hold the handle of the stand, causing the operator to lose control of the planting machine. These two resistances and rebound forces will cause serious personal injury to you.
2. When this kind of phenomenon occurs, don't panic and deal with it calmly. First of all, if it is too late to turn off the flameout switch, you can move away from the body after turning it off. Secondly, if it is too late to turn off the flameout switch, please stay away from the rotating body. When the speed of the gasoline engine drops and the body does not move, then firmly grasp the handle of the bracket, and slowly add oil to a high speed to take out the drill or continue drilling.
3. As the user of the digging machine, don't just rely on the safety device on the digging machine. You should read the user manual carefully before use to understand the performance and safety precautions of this product to ensure your personal safety during the drilling process.


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