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Safety operation guide for drilling / digging machine / planting machine / plant tree machine


Safety operation guide for drilling / digging machine / planting machine / plant tree machine

For drilling is widely used in afforestation, planting fruit trees, also known as the digging machine, planter, planter. This article mainly introduces the operation method of the planting machine and the notices in the drilling process.
1. Before drilling, please read "safety instructions" first. It is recommended that we select some soft land for trial drilling first, which helps us to be familiar with the performance and usage of the digging machine, or invite experienced personnel to carry out the guidance work on the spot.
2, in the drilling process, with the left hand to hold the handle bracket, with the right hand thumb and other fingers hold the throttle switch and a handle, double foot, spacing is much wider than the shoulder, keep a proper distance and bit body, which helps maintain balance, effective control of the body.
3, at the beginning of drilling, if we want to insert the drill head into the ground, we can slowly increase the throttle. We must not suddenly increase the throttle. Otherwise, the drill will jump and appear due to no location points, and it will cause personal injury to you.
4, do not use strong downward pressure on the bit, when at full throttle, only handle light pressure maintaining bracket, can.
5. When the sense hole is very hard, the body can be properly repeated up and then continue to drill down.
6. Holding the handle of the bracket tightly is helpful to reduce the resistance and anti elastic force, and effectively maintain the control of the digging machine.
7, there is a basic understanding of the causes of resistance and resilience, which can help you reduce or eliminate panic mentality, and can better cope with the accident.
Resistance and anti elastic safety precautions in drilling operation
1, during drilling operations, when drilling bits or blades suddenly encounter hard objects, the body may rebound, causing operators to lose their center of gravity and lose control of planters. Or when the geological layer is harder, the power is far less than the resistance. The hands cannot hold the bracket handle, so that the operators lose control of the planter. These two kinds of resistance and rebound force will cause serious personal injury to you.
2, when this kind of phenomenon occurs, do not panic, should calm down. First, when you turn off the switch and turn off the switch, stay away from the body. Secondly, if the time is too late to close the extinguishing switch, please keep away from the rotating body first. When the speed of the gasoline engine drops and the body is not moving, then grasp the bracket handle firmly, and slowly feed to the high speed, then remove or continue drilling.
3. As a user of a digging machine, do not rely solely on the safety device on the digging machine. We should read the manuals carefully before using it, and know the performance and safety precautions of this product, so as to ensure your personal safety during drilling.