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Methods and precautions for long-term storage of lawn mowers


1. The lawn mower needs to be stored for a long time when not in use. It is necessary to understand how to maintain the lawn mower before storage.
When the lawn mower is stored for more than 30 days:
First, drain the fuel in the fuel tank and start the gasoline engine until it stops due to exhaustion of fuel;
Secondly, change the oil. When the engine is just shut down, drain the oil in the crankcase first, and then add new oil to the appropriate scale according to the recommended level;
Third, remove the spark plug, drip 5-10 ml of oil into the cylinder, rotate the crankshaft a few times, and install the spark plug;
Fourth, clean the dust and debris around the cutter head, machine body, cylinder, cylinder head radiator, air duct, mesh cover and muffler; store in a dry and cool place.
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2. Why can't outdoor power such as lawn mower start after long-term storage?
Outdoor power such as lawn mowers are generally stored in storage without work in winter. If the maintenance before storage is not done well, it will often cause the machine to fail to start when it comes into use in the spring next year. The general reason is that the fuel in the fuel tank and carburetor is not burned out during the winter maintenance, and the winter oil cannot be burned. At the same time, the presence of oil in the carburetor will cause the deposits to block the oil holes after the gasoline is volatilized, and the result will be that the machine cannot be started or runs unevenly. Therefore, before long-term storage, be sure to perform maintenance according to the correct method.
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3. What should I do if the machine can't start in spring?
a. It may be that the oil accumulation in the fuel tank is not exhausted, so check whether the fuel is qualified oil;
b. If the fuel is not burned out before the carburetor is stored, the carburetor should be cleaned (be sure to ask a professional to clean it).


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