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The long-term storage method and precautions of turf lawn mower


The long-term storage method and precautions of turf lawn mower

The 1. lawn machine needs long-term storage when it is not used. It is necessary to know how to maintain the lawn machine before it is stored.
The lawn mower is stored for more than 30 days.
First, let off the fuel in the tank and start the gasoline engine until the fuel is exhausted.
Secondly, replace the engine oil, and then release the engine oil in the crankcase first, and then add the new oil to the right scale according to the recommended grade.
Third, take down the spark plug, drop the 5-10 milliliter oil into the cylinder, rotate the crankshaft several circles, and install the spark plug.
Fourth, clean up the dust and debris around the cutterhead, cylinder block, cylinder head, radiator, air guide, mesh and muffler, and store them in a dry and cool place.
21 inch lawn mower (weeds)
2. why does the turf engine, such as the turf machine, can not start after long storage?
Lawn machines and other outdoor power generally do not work and store in the winter. If the maintenance is not good before entering the warehouse, it will often cause the machine to start in the spring of next year. General causes of winter maintenance, not to burn the fuel tank and the carburetor, and the winter is not burning oil. At the same time, the oil in the carburetor will cause the precipitate to plug the hole after the volatilization of the gasoline. The result is that the machine can not start or run unsteadily. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the maintenance in the correct way before long-term storage.
Lawn mowing (turf)
3. spring machine can not start how to do?
A. may be the oil tank oil is not exhausted, so to check whether the fuel is qualified oil;
B. if the fuel is not burned before the carburetor is stored, the carburetor should be cleaned (must be cleaned by the professional).