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Chainsaw felling saw disassembly instructions


Chainsaw felling saw disassembly instructions

Chainsaw logging saw relatively simple structure, convenient assembly and disassembly, must pay attention to the following disassembly:
1, saw most parts of magnesium alloy products for disassembly, prohibit the use of hammer, screw fasteners should not be too tight, to prevent the thread slipping;
2, when the piston ring is dismantled, the opening can not be oversized so as to avoid deformation or break.
3. When the piston is assembled, attention should be paid to the back to the exhaust port of the piston ring slot. (arrow pointing to the vent)
4, the cylinder assembly, cylinder cover should be first, pay attention to the changing of outlet position alignment, piston ring opening positioning pin groove in the piston into the cylinder.
5. Before assembling the crankcase, remove the stains from the surface of the crankshaft, and heat it in the oven or oil to about 120 -150 C, and take 3min out of the heat preservation. With the combination of crankcase gasket, quasi steady pin.
6. The disassembly of the flywheel and clutch must use professional tools. After assembly, the assembly quality of the semicircle key must be checked.
7. All the holes in the carburetor are washed with compressed air or air beating. Do not use wire and other things to wear through, so as not to damage the amount of holes and nozzle.
8, the carburetor mounted on the chain saw, should pay attention to the direction of the paper pad and air vent.
9. The contactless magnetic motor is assembled. When the wiring is connected, the connection of the circuit line is paid attention to, and the insulation of the circuit line is also paid attention to.
Although the above is a simple description, but should pay attention to the details of the key but saw chain saw felling during dismantling, the use of chain saw friends, collection, use of chain saw might be used!