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Instructions for disassembly and assembly of logging saws


Chain saw The logging saw has a relatively simple structure and is easy to disassemble and assemble. Pay attention to the following when disassembling:
1. Most of the parts of the chain saw are made of magnesium alloy. It is strictly forbidden to hit with a hammer during disassembly and assembly. The fasteners should not be overtightened to prevent the thread sliding buckle;
2. When disassembling the piston ring, do not make the opening too large to avoid deformation or breakage.
3. When assembling the piston, pay attention to the positioning pin of the piston ring groove facing away from the exhaust port. (The arrow points to the exhaust port)
4. When assembling the cylinder, cover the cylinder head first, pay attention to the alignment of the air exchange ports, and align the piston ring opening with the positioning pin in the ring groove, and then push the piston into the cylinder.
5. Before assembling the crankcase, remove the stains on the joint surface, place it in an oven or engine oil and heat it to about 120℃-150℃, keep it warm for 3 minutes, and take it out. Add the crankcase gasket and align the positioning pins when assembling.
6. Special tools must be used to disassemble the flywheel and clutch, and the assembly quality of the half-circle key must be checked after assembly.
7. All through holes of the carburetor should be blown with compressed air or air pump. Do not use iron wire or other objects to pass through, so as not to damage the measuring hole and nozzle.
8. When installing the chain saw on the carburetor, pay attention to the direction of the paper pad and the ventilation hole.
9. When assembling the non-contact magneto, pay attention to the butt connection of the circuit wires and the insulation of the circuit wires when wiring.
Although the above is a simple description, this is the key detail that should be paid attention to when disassembling and assembling a chain saw. Friends who use chain saws, keep them away. You may need them when using chain saws!


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